In Atlético spoke about Griezmann's future

Football news 14 nov 2023, 07:50
In Atlético spoke about Griezmann's future In Atlético spoke about Griezmann's future

Atlético Madrid coach, Diego Simeone, spoke about what awaits the striker, Antoine Griezmann, at the club.

In particular, he spoke about whether the French player is ready to extend his contract with the team.

"There is no doubt that he wants to stay here, and I hope he will be with us in the coming years. He is young, but I'm not just talking about his age. He has incredible energy and understanding of the game.

When his energy runs out, he will play other positions. I'm very glad that I was able to work with him. It's always been like this. When he came to me and told me that he was leaving for Barcelona, we looked at each other and I told him: “I wish you success.” At some point I already knew that he would return", - Simeone was quoted as saying by Mundo Deportivo.

Interestingly, Simeone himself is in no hurry to renew his agreement with the Madrid team. At the same time, there are rumors that the Argentine coach will definitely remain in his position.

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