Came to watch tennis. Neymar flashed in Miami

Tennis news 26 mar 2024, 09:55
Came to watch tennis. Neymar flashed in Miami Photo: / Author unknown

Renowned Brazilian footballer, Neymar, continues to recover from a cruciate ligament injury. During this period, the striker has been seen at resorts, in his homeland and at the location of Al-Hilal club, which owns his contract.

Earlier this week, Neymar caught the eye in Miami. But while the media saw the forward not in the company of former Barcelona partners - Messi, Busquets, Suarez and Alba - but at a tennis match.

Neymar attended several matches of the Miami Open tennis tournament, which is taking place these days. There he took photos with basketball players Draymond Green, Gui Santos and Jimmy Butler, as well as Gaël Monfils and Carlos Alcaraz.

Earlier, the doctor of the Brazilian national team named the terms of Neymar's return.

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