Ancelotti recounted how Sergio Ramos came to his rescue

Football news 20 oct 2023, 17:25
Ancelotti recounted how Sergio Ramos came to his rescue Photo: Unknown

Real Madrid's head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has acknowledged the substantial role played by Sergio Ramos in his career.

"I would like to see Sergio Ramos and greet him. I have an attachment to all the players I've had, but a special one for him. If I am here today, it's solely due to Sergio Ramos. If he hadn't scored that goal in the final, I probably wouldn't be here. For this, and everything he has done for this club, he is greatly loved by everyone. Let's hope he doesn't score, but if he does, he can celebrate however he pleases," Ancelotti stated, as reported by ESPN.

The Italian coach recollected a pivotal moment from the 2014 UEFA Champions League final. It was Sergio Ramos who netted a goal in the dying seconds of regular time in the match against Atletico Madrid. In extra time, Real Madrid vanquished their opponents with a score of 4-1. Had Real Madrid lost that final, it's unlikely that Carlo Ancelotti would have retained his position as the coach for the 2014/2015 season, and he would not have had the chance to return to the royal club from the capital of Spain in the summer of 2021.

Previously, it had become known that Real Madrid might reappoint Jose Mourinho.

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