Tottenham head coach is delighted with his team's performance

Football news 21 oct 2023, 02:44
Tottenham head coach is delighted with his team's performance Tottenham head coach is delighted with his team's performance

In the previous season, Tottenham secured an eighth-place finish in the English Premier League, falling just one point short of the European competition zone. During the summer, the club underwent a managerial change, with Antonio Conte making way for Australian tactician Ange Postecoglou. However, the summer also saw the club bidding farewell to its star striker, Harry Kane, following his transfer to Bayern Munich.

Despite these changes, the "Spurs" have embarked on the current campaign with great confidence. After eight fixtures, they have amassed 20 points, establishing themselves as the Premier League frontrunners, ahead of Arsenal on goal difference.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Tottenham's manager, Ange Postecoglou, expressed his admiration for his team while acknowledging the need for improvements, particularly in the attacking department.

"We have many new faces, a new coach, and a new style of play, among other changes. Adaptations will always require some time. Honestly, regarding our team's attack, we can be even more aggressive in our approach and create more opportunities.

However, I'd balance this desire with the remarkable resilience we've displayed and the defensive solidity we possess, considering we have an entirely new defensive line and midfield setup.

At the moment, we are doing quite well, but I still anticipate the moment when we become the team I envision us to be. The area where we have the most room for improvement is our offensive line."

Tottenham's next match will take place on Monday, as they face Fulham away from home.

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