Tonali accused of new betting offences

Football news 28 mar 2024, 11:22
Tonali accused of new betting offences Photo: / Author unknown

Newcastle's central midfielder Sandro Tonali is facing new problems due to football betting allegations.

According to Newcastle's official website, the Italian footballer is accused of 50 additional cases of breaching betting rules during his time in England. The violations were recorded from August 12, 2023, to October 12 of the same year.

However, all these infractions occurred before Tonali's 10-month suspension for gambling while playing for Milan.

It is currently unknown whether these new allegations will lead to an extension of his suspension.

Since joining Newcastle, Tonali has played 12 matches in all competitions and scored 1 goal. The club paid 64 million euros for his transfer from Milan. At present, Tonali is undergoing treatment for gambling addiction.

Due to his suspension, Tonali will miss the Euro 2024 championship.

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