Red Bull is looking for "the new Verstappen"

Motorsport News 29 apr 2024, 15:08
Oliver White Dailysports's expert Oliver White
Red Bull is looking for "the new Verstappen" Photo: Author unknown

While Red Bull already has the talented driver Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko is on the hunt for the next Formula 1 superstar and is considering raiding McLaren for potential pilots. Marko oversees the development of young talent at Red Bull and, despite criticism for his toughness in selecting the best drivers, he has also been praised for discovering talents like Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen, both of whom became world champions with the team in Formula 1.

Currently, Red Bull is led by Verstappen, who joined the Red Bull junior program in 2015 and has already shown remarkable results. However, despite his success, rumors of his potential departure from the team have caused drama.

Marko acknowledges that the next Red Bull leader may be found outside the team's pool of drivers, possibly even at McLaren. While drivers like Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have been mentioned, Red Bull is still considering Carlos Sainz from Ferrari.

Marko claims they are in talks with Sainz, who is showing excellent results this season, but the salary offered by Audi could be a hurdle for his move to Red Bull.

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