PSG president accused Messi of lying

Football news 24 sep 2023, 07:05
PSG president accused Messi of lying Messi pressconference/Uncnown author

This week, Lionel Messi gave an interview to the YouTube channel Olga, expressing his disappointment regarding the lack of recognition from PSG after winning the World Cup with the Argentine national team. Messi mentioned in his interview that he was the only player among the 25 other World Cup champions who did not receive recognition.

"I was the only player among the 25 other World Cup champions who didn't receive recognition, but it doesn't matter."

Following PSG's training session on Saturday, ahead of the "Le Classique" match against Marseille, Nasser Al-Khelaifi spoke to some media outlets. The president of PSG wanted to clarify his club's position regarding the Messi situation.

"There has been a lot of talk on the streets, and I don't know what he did or said. As everyone saw - we even published a video - we congratulated Messi at the training session when he won the World Cup, and we also celebrated privately. But, with all due respect, we are a French club. Of course, we could have had a celebration at the stadium, but we must respect the country that Messi defeated in the final. Additionally, his teammates play for the French national team. Leo is an incredible player, and we were very proud of him"

Messi spent two years with PSG, playing 75 matches, scoring 32 goals, and providing 35 assists. In the summer of this year, Messi left Paris as a free agent and joined Inter Miami.

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