Portugal v Czech Republic- kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel

Football news 16 june 2024, 10:48
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Portugal v Czechia: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel Photo: x.com/selecaoportugal / Author unknown

Fans continue to familiarise themselves with the participants of the European Championship 2024. On Tuesday, 18 June, the matches in quartet F will take place. For one of the matches in this group, the Dailysports team has prepared all the most important information for you.

What do you need to know about the match Portugal - Czech Republic?

Both teams after the UEFA Euro 2024 draw got into Group F. Together with them in one quartet will play Turkey and Georgia. As you can see, the so-called top teams, which often include Italy, England, Spain and others, are not in this group.

Before the game between Portugal and Czechia, the game between Turkey and Georgia will already be over. Therefore, Ronaldo and company will know who will be the first favourites in the fight for the playoffs of the tournament.

It should be noted that Portugal and the Czechia last met not so long ago: during 2022 the opponents played two matches in the UEFA Nations League. Portugal won twice with a total score of 6:0.

When and where will the match Portugal v Czech Republic take place?

As you know, the UEFA Euro 2024 matches are held in Germany. Portugal and Czechia will meet in Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena. Bundesliga club RB Leipzig play their home matches at this stadium.

The referee of this match, Marco Guida, is scheduled to blow the starting whistle on Tuesday, 18 June at 21:00 CET. Below we have prepared information what time it will be in your time zone when the game kicks off.

  • Los Angeles 13:00
  • New York 16:00
  • Panama 15:00
  • Toronto 16:00
  • Port of Spain 16:00
  • London 20:00
  • Yaoundé 21:00
  • Abuja 21:00
  • Cape Town 22:00

Where to watch Portugal vs Czech Republic online?

We recommend that you use only legal platforms to watch sporting events. UEFA's official partners vary from country to country, so we have prepared information for you on where to watch this match in your country below.

  • Australia - Optus Australia
  • Cameroon - SuperSport, NEW WORLD TV
  • Canada - Bell Media Canada, TVA Sports
  • Kenya - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • New Zealand - TVNZ
  • Nigeria - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • South Africa - SuperSport
  • Uganda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • United Kingdom - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • United States - Fox Sports USA English, fubo TV, VIX

Other countries:

  • Algeria - beIN
  • Anguilla - CPSL
  • Angola - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Antigua and Barbuda - CPSL
  • Bahamas - CPSL
  • Barbados - CPSL
  • Belize - ESPN, CPSL
  • Botswana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • British Virgin Islands - CPSL
  • Cayman Islands - CPSL
  • China - QQ Sports Live, iQIYI, CCTV
  • Dominica - CPSL
  • Gambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Ghana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Grenada - CPSL
  • Hong Kong - PCCW
  • India - Sony
  • Ireland - RTÉ Ireland
  • Jamaica - CPSL
  • Lesotho - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Liberia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Madagascar - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Malawi - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Mauritius - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Namibia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Palestine - beIN
  • Panama - ESPN
  • Rwanda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Singapore - SPOTV Singapore, MediaCorp
  • Sudan - beIN, SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Tanzania - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Trinidad and Tobago - CPSL
  • Zambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
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