Kroos revealed where he will live after his retirement

Football news 22 may 2024, 15:34
Kenley Ward Dailysports's expert Kenley Ward
Kroos revealed where he will live after his retirement

Yesterday, the legendary Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos surprised many by announcing his decision to retire at the age of 34. Euro 2024 will be the final tournament of his illustrious career.

Today, Kroos revealed his post-retirement plans. According to the footballer, he does not intend to return to Germany and will remain in Madrid.

“It's not an easy decision to leave the club of my life, I've found home here. I'm staying in Madrid to live here”, Kroos was quoted as saying by MadridZone.

Kroos joined Real Madrid from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2014. Over 10 years with the club, he played 463 matches, scored 28 goals, and provided 98 assists.

The 34-year-old had retired from the German national team after Euro 2020, but Julian Nagelsmann managed to convince him to return for the home European Championship.

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