Ratcliffe wants to build a new arena for Man United. What should it look like?

Football news 15 june 2024, 16:08
Alex Olise Dailysports's expert Alex Olise
Ratcliffe wants to build a new arena for Man United. What should it look like? Photo: x.com/MyBreakNews_en

Ratcliffe has clearly expressed his desire to make significant changes to Manchester United, both on and off the field, after acquiring 25% of the club from the Glazer family.

His proposal to leave "Old Trafford" has sparked disagreements among fans due to their emotional attachment to the current stadium, although it is known that the arena requires serious attention after years of neglect.

In an interview with The Independent in March, Ratcliffe explained his stance, insisting on the need to move away from "Old Trafford".

"We can invest in renovating the stadium and create a stunning venue, but this will require significant investments that the club can afford. However, we have the opportunity to build an entirely new stadium if that's the desire. We have enough space for it.

If we decide to build a new stadium, it will be modern and world-class, with a capacity of 90,000 or even 100,000 seats. I am convinced that it will become a venue for major events in northern England. Why should all matches be held in the south? We can and should change this dynamic," - Ratcliffe emphasized.

He cited Spanish stadiums like Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou as examples, highlighting their high level of infrastructure and investments put into their reconstruction.

"Comparing to the Premier League, we have a lot of work in this direction. The Premier League has succeeded commercially, but we don't have stadiums comparable to the European giants. That needs to change," - he added.

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