Argentine legend to become Lionel Messi's team-mate

Football news 29 may 2024, 05:31
Kenley Ward Dailysports's expert Kenley Ward
Argentine legend to become Lionel Messi's team-mate Daniel Jayo/Getty Images

European football legend Ángel Di María has likely played his last match for Benfica.

According to ESPN, Di María's next club will be Inter Miami, where he will join his friend and compatriot Lionel Messi.

However, due to financial constraints, Inter Miami may find it difficult to register Di María this summer. If they cannot do so, Di María will continue playing for Benfica for another half-season before moving to the US in winter 2025.

Di María has decided that Benfica will be his last European club. He will also retire from the Argentine national team after the 2024 Copa América.

Throughout his illustrious career, Di María has played for Real Madrid, PSG, and Manchester United.

It is worth noting that Inter Miami also boasts other legendary players such as Sergio Busquets, Luis Suárez, and Jordi Alba.

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