Where is 95 millions? Antony has left the Manchester United legend disappointed

Football news 03 nov 2023, 20:37
Where is 95 millions? Anthony has left the Manchester United legend disappointed Photo: football.ua

Former Manchester United forward, Andy Cole, is perplexed by the fact that the "Red Devils" paid 95 million euros for Antony a year ago.

"I'd draw attention to this: he doesn't score enough goals and doesn't create sufficient opportunities for his teammates. You look at him and think, 'What are you contributing?' A substantial amount was spent on him, and the coach has supported him. Apparently, it was genuinely tough for him.

If I were at Manchester United, I'd be thinking about whether I'll achieve something. Playing in a team that doesn't create many opportunities, as a forward, you scratch your head, wondering when the next chance will come. Over time, if Ole Gunnar Solskjær continues to play him, he'll make that clear to him," said Andy Cole during an interview on Sky Sports.

To recap, Antony's statistics at Manchester United are abysmal for a winger, considering the hefty 95 million euros paid for him. The Brazilian has tallied eight goals and three assists in 54 matches.

It was previously revealed that Manchester United is seeking to acquire a new goalkeeper due to their disappointment with André Onana.

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