The Girona star revealed why he cut off his pink hair

Football news 14 june 2024, 03:11
Liam Carter Dailysports's expert Liam Carter
The Girona star revealed why he cut off his pink hair Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images

Girona's star player Yan Couto explained why he cut off his pink hair upon joining the Brazilian national team's training camp.

This season, Couto received his first call-up to the Brazilian national team and was also included in the squad for the Copa America. After arriving at the Brazilian camp, he trimmed his vibrant pink hair.

He shared with Marca the reason behind this decision, as the extravagant hairstyle had become his signature look.

"Basically, it was a request. They told me that pink hair was seen as a joke. I don't think so, but I respect it. They asked me, and I did it.

It was trendy in Girona, many people dyed their hair, and it became a fashion. Here, in the national team, I have black hair. Nothing changes, I remain the same person," Couto explained.

Yan Couto, who is owned by Manchester City, had an outstanding season in Northern Catalonia, providing 10 assists, the highest number for Michel Sanchez's team.

Brazil will kick off their Copa America campaign on June 25 with a match against Costa Rica.

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