Slovenia - Denmark. Predictions and Betting odds, – June 16, 2024

Football news 16 june 2024, 06:45
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Slovenia - Denmark. Predictions and bets for the match on June 16, 2024 Photo: Marca / Author unknown

Today, the matches of the first round of the Euro 2024 group stage continue, including the encounter between Slovenia and Denmark. These teams are considered the main contenders for advancing from the group in second place, so the fate of the coveted playoff spot could be decided today.

Bookmakers and analysts have conducted their assessments and identified the favorite for the match and other key indicators.

The absolute favorite for victory in today's match is the Danish national team. Their victory is set at odds of 1.7, while a win for Slovenia is much less likely, with odds of 5.5. A draw is seen as more probable than a Slovenian victory, with odds of 3.6.

Additionally, bookmakers are less confident that both teams will score in the match. The odds for this outcome are 1.6, while the odds for both teams scoring are 2.2.

Bookmakers lean towards the expectation that around two goals will be scored in the match. The odds for a total over 1.5 goals are 1.4, and for over 2 goals, 1.7. For under 2.5 goals, the odds are 1.6, and for under 1.5 goals, 2.8.

Slovenia's chances of scoring at least once are rated quite low, with odds of 1.8, while Denmark's chance is much higher at 1.2.

For exact score predictions, bookmakers favor a narrow 1-0 victory for Denmark (odds of 5.0) or 2-0 (6.5). The chances of a goalless draw are slightly lower (7.3), and a 1-1 draw stands at 7.0. A 2-1 victory for Denmark is valued at 8.0, with all other outcomes having odds greater than 10.

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