It is known when Arsenal wants to sign the striker

Football news 21 may 2024, 06:07
Yasmine Green Dailysports's expert Yasmine Green
It is known when Arsenal want to sign the striker It is known when Arsenal want to sign the striker

The forward position in the context of another missed championship is a sore subject for Arsenal and the Canaries already have a few tweaks in place, but Mikel Arteta wants to strengthen this role as soon as possible.

According to The Independent, Arsenal want to sign the striker in time for the start of their pre-season tour. But the forward will not be the only player the Gunners are planning to sign. In total, three top-class players should appear at the Emirates, and three or four players will leave the team.

As for the striker, Mikel Arteta is considering several options, but among the most desirable players are Alexander Isak from Newcastle and Brian Brobbey from Ajax. Arsenal are hoping that one of them will help the team win the coveted English title.

Earlier, it was reported that the Gunners refused to buy the expensive forward due to the effectiveness of Kai Havertz at the centre forward position.

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