Inter Miami coach finds himself at the center of a scandal

Football news 23 oct 2023, 07:51
Inter Miami coach finds himself at the center of a scandal Photo: open sources

Inter Miami head coach Gerardo Martino found himself at the center of a small scandal.

The other day, the Argentine coach responded quite emotionally to a journalist who accused him of the team’s failure to reach the MLS playoffs.

The journalist reproached the coach for the fact that even the acquisition of star players did not help save the situation.

Martino said: "When did all these changes happen? January, February, March? From what point are you analyzing the situation? From the beginning of the year? Let's move on to other issues. Your attitude towards me is very disrespectful."

At the end of the season, Inter Miami took 14th place in the Eastern Conference, although the team had a good run at the end (not taking into account the matches without Lionel Messi), and also won the US Cup.

Let us remember that Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets joined the team this season. The team continues to work to invite star players. Luis Suarez may soon join her.

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