Arsenal respond to hate war over women's team photo

Football news 23 oct 2023, 05:27
Arsenal respond to hate war over women's team photo Photo: Arsenal FC

For the first time in a long time, London Arsenal made an official comment related to the scandal surrounding the composition of the club's women's team.

Recently, the Internet drew attention to a club photo, which shows that only fair-skinned football players play for the team.

The publication caused a wave of angry comments and accusations of a lack of diversity in the team.

“We are very aware that our current women's first team composition does not reflect the diversity that exists in the modern world and that we represent.

Increasing the participation of young women and girls from diverse backgrounds is a priority for us at academy level and we are taking concrete action to improve opportunities and accessibility.

The club makes it a priority to develop diversity and inclusion,” the club said.

Note that after three rounds in the English women's championship, the Gunners scored four points and are in seventh place.

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