The NHL has suspended the hockey player for 41 matches

Hockey news 27 oct 2023, 14:20
The NHL has suspended the hockey player for 41 matches The NHL has suspended the hockey player for 41 matches

The National Hockey League has suspended American Ottawa Senators' player, Shane Pinto, for a duration of 41 matches due to violations of betting regulations, as announced on the league's official website.

The official statement from the NHL cites the player's involvement in sports betting activities. According to the Canadian publication Sportsnet, the specific reason for the suspension may be linked to proxy betting, a scenario in which other individuals gain access to the player's bookmaker account.

However, it is important to note that Pinto did not personally place any bets on NHL games. NHL players and club personnel are strictly prohibited from wagering on league match outcomes.

The club issued an official statement expressing support for Shane Pinto, emphasizing his value to the organization. They described him as an attractive and intelligent young man who made regrettable decisions, leading to his removal by the National Hockey League.

“The Ottawa Senators wholeheartedly endorse the NHL's betting rules. While they are disheartened by this issue, the organization remains committed to working with Shane and providing the necessary support to address the problems and help him become a strong contributor to the community”, the statement says.

Shane Pinto personally apologized to the league, the club, and the fans. He assumed full responsibility and anticipates returning to the ice with his team.

Shane Pinto was drafted by the Ottawa Senators into the NHL in 2019 under number 32. He plays as a center forward and made his NHL debut in the 2020/21 season, marking his first league goal on May 5, 2021.

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