Leao believes Milan will win the Champions League

Football news 25 sep 2023, 13:50
Leao believes Milan will win the Champions League Photo: https://www.instagram.com/iamrafaeleao93/

AC Milan winger Rafael Leao is confident his side are close to winning the Champions League again, the Portugal footballer told GQ.

In addition, the Portuguese said that the Champions League and participation in this tournament are much more important than ten million euros in Saudi Arabia. And Milan's victory in this tournament is more important than a high salary. He thinks the club is on the right track, because managed to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League last season. The goal now should be to keep growing.

Leao is confident that Milan will soon be able to win the Champions League again, which is the team's goal. He speaks for himself and believes that this is the dream of every player.

In addition, he does not consider the option of continuing his career in the Saudi Arabian championship. According to the Portuguese, he has not yet achieved great results to compete in a championship like this. He has been well received in Milan, so the footballer is focused on achieving something big in two to three years.

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