Jamie Carragher believes Everton's punishment is excessive

Football news 18 nov 2023, 15:20
Jamie Carragher believes Everton's punishment is excessive Photo: football.ua/ Author unknown

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher commented on Everton's deduction of 10 points for breaching financial fair play rules.

'The punishment of deducting 10 points from Everton is excessive and unfair, considering their cooperation with the Premier League on this matter in recent years.

Would it have been better to evade and try to drag it out like other clubs?

Certainly, the teams that have been relegated put significant pressure on the league regarding Everton's case, but when you consider that six clubs attempted to break away from the Premier League (referring to the Super League) and received no sanctions, it looks wrong.

Until other clubs face sanctions, Everton will feel they're being used to show there's no need for an independent regulator, and they'll be right,' - said Carragher.

According to The Athletic, the financial losses for the Liverpool club last year amounted to £304 million, significantly exceeding the permissible limit of £105 million set by the English Premier League regulations.

It's worth noting that today there's information that Everton could be further docked 9 points.

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