"I'm depressed by this incident" - João Jesus speaks on Serie A's decision in racism case

Football news 27 mar 2024, 13:05
"I'm depressed by this incident" - João Jesus speaks on Serie A's decision in racism case Photo: https://twitter.com/calciopedia

Napoli's Brazilian defender Juan Jesus has commented on Serie A's decision regarding the exoneration of the Inter defender in the racism case.

According to him, he read the sporting judge's decision several times with great disappointment, as it states that there is no evidence that he was the victim of racial abuse.

"Although I respect this decision, I find it difficult to understand, and it leaves me with a sense of bitterness. Honestly, I am dismayed by such a serious incident, where my only mistake was handling it 'as a gentleman,' deciding not to disrupt an important game," Juan Jesus stated in his remarks.

He believes that after this decision, anyone else in a similar situation would act entirely differently.

"I didn't expect everything to end like this. I fear – and hope I'm wrong – that this could set a serious precedent for justifying certain behaviors after the fact. I sincerely hope that this unfortunate incident for me can help the football world reflect on an issue that is both serious and relevant," Juan Jesus added.

Napoli disagrees with the decision of the Italian Football Federation to exonerate Inter defender Francesco Acerbi in the case of racism allegations against Juan Jesus. The club disagrees with the decision to completely absolve the Inter defender and plans to express its protest.

Recall that during the Serie A match between Inter and Napoli, there was a dispute on the football field between Acerbi and Jesus. The Brazilian approached the referee and claimed that the Inter defender called him a racial slur. Acerbi denied all accusations against him.

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