Everton has new buyers. Everything is financed by a famous American billionaire

Football news 08 june 2024, 06:58
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
Everton has new buyers. Everything is financed by a famous American billionaire Photo: Everton website / Author unknown

Following the collapse of the deal to sell the controlling stake in Everton to 777 Partners and Blue Heaven Holdings Limited, current owner Farhad Moshiri has continued his search for potential buyers.

Liverpool businessmen Andy Bell and George Downing were prepared to take this step but were initially hindered by financial constraints. However, according to the Daily Mail, American billionaire Michael Dell has resolved this issue for them.

Bell and Downing, lifelong supporters of the club, are among five parties interested in acquiring control of Goodison Park after the failed bid by 777 Partners. They aim to finalize an agreement with Moshiri within a week.

Bell is the founder of the investment giant AJ Bell, while Downing's namesake company has achieved significant success in construction and real estate.

The addition of Michael Dell to their team has helped convince Moshiri of their seriousness, potentially allowing the deal to be completed well before the 2024/25 season.

Dell, the founder of the eponymous Dell Technologies, is a prominent figure in the computing industry since the 1980s, with the company currently valued at £95 billion.

Sources close to Moshiri describe the negotiations as advanced, though other senior figures within the club remain cautious about a swift confirmation, aware of other contenders, including MSP Sports Capital.

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