Despite all the mistakes, the coach of the German national team called Neuer the main goalkeeper

Football news 08 june 2024, 03:17
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
Despite all the mistakes, the coach of the German national team called Neuer the main goalkeeper Photo: / Author unknown

European national teams continue their preparations for the upcoming continental championship. The German national team is the only one that did not undergo qualification, having secured a spot as the host nation.

While other teams were qualifying and thus preparing for the tournament, the Germans played friendly matches. During this period, the preparation of the German national team raised many questions, leading to a change in head coach.

The key question remained which squad Julian Nagelsmann would select based on the results of all the friendlies. Their final match before the European Championship was yesterday's game against Greece. In this match, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer made a rather glaring error while clearing the ball, allowing the opponents to open the scoring.

It is worth noting that in the second half, the Germans equalized and eventually took the lead.

After the match, German head coach Julian Nagelsmann stated that this mistake, along with previous ones by Neuer, would not affect his position in the starting lineup. Fabrizio Romano quotes him:

"I will not discuss the role of the goalkeeper. Manuel Neuer is and will be our starting goalkeeper.

I will not allow any discussion to arise, even if someone tries to start it."

It should be noted that Neuer's main competitor for the goalkeeping position is Barcelona's Marc-André ter Stegen. Neuer is more experienced and began his career with the national team earlier. He played his first match for the Mannschaft in 2010, while ter Stegen debuted in 2012. The Bayern Munich player has 113 appearances for the national team, whereas the Barcelona goalkeeper has only played 40 matches.

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