Austria vs France: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel

Football news 15 june 2024, 08:28
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: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel Photo: Yahoo / Author unknown

Yesterday, the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship kicked off in Germany. While Friday featured only the tournament's opening match, starting today, fans can look forward to three group stage matches each day. The final match of the day on Monday will be a clash between Austria and France in Group D.

Austria vs France: what to know about the match?

Austria secured their place in the final stage confidently, qualifying from a group with Belgium, Sweden, Azerbaijan, and Estonia. They had only one draw and one loss, finishing second. In preparation for the Euro, Austria played four matches: two during the international break in March and two before the tournament's start in June. They convincingly defeated Slovakia (2-0), then thrashed Turkey (6-1). In June, they faced Serbia, winning (2-1), and later drew with Switzerland (1-1).

France had an even more assured qualification for Euro 2024, drawing only once in ten matches, in their final game against Greece. The Netherlands, Ireland, and Gibraltar could not challenge the French, who finished first in their group. In preparation for the Euro, France beat Germany (2-0) and Chile (3-2) in March, and in early June, they routed Luxembourg (3-0) before a goalless draw against Canada.

The head-to-head history between Austria and France is quite extensive. They last met in the UEFA Nations League in 2022. The match in Austria ended in a draw (1-1), while France won the home match in Paris (2-0).

Austria vs France: when and where the match will take place

The Group D first stage match between Austria and France will take place on Monday, June 17, at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf. The referee will blow the starting whistle at 21:00 Central European Time.

The kickoff times for different countries are as follows:

  • Los Angeles 13:00
  • New York 16:00
  • Panama 15:00
  • Toronto 16:00
  • Port of Spain 16:00
  • London 20:00
  • Yaoundé 21:00
  • Abuja 21:00
  • Cape Town 22:00

Austria vs France: where to watch the match online

Broadcasters vary by country. We have prepared information for you about Euro 2024 broadcast rights and where it can be seen in your country.

  • Australia - Optus Australia
  • Cameroon - SuperSport, NEW WORLD TV
  • Canada - Bell Media Canada, TVA Sports
  • Kenya - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • New Zealand - TVNZ
  • Nigeria - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • South Africa - SuperSport
  • Uganda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • United Kingdom - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • United States - Fox Sports USA English, fubo TV, VIX

Other countries:

  • Algeria - beIN
  • Angola - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Anguilla - CPSL
  • Antigua and Barbuda - CPSL
  • Bahamas - CPSL
  • Barbados - CPSL
  • Belize - ESPN, CPSL
  • Botswana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • British Virgin Islands - CPSL
  • Cayman Islands - CPSL
  • China - QQ Sports Live, iQIYI, CCTV
  • Dominica - CPSL
  • Gambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Ghana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Grenada - CPSL
  • Hong Kong - PCCW
  • India - Sony
  • Ireland - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • Jamaica - CPSL
  • Lesotho - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Liberia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Madagascar - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Malawi - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Mauritius - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Namibia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Palestine - beIN
  • Panama - ESPN
  • Rwanda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Singapore - SPOTV Singapore, MediaCorp
  • Sudan - beIN, SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Tanzania - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Trinidad and Tobago - CPSL
  • Zambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria

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