Jokic vs Wembanyama: Highlights of the biggest duel of the night in the NBA. VIDEO

Basketball news 03 apr 2024, 05:00
(VIDEO) Jokic vs Wembanyama. Review of the incredible duel Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In a duel between two centers who are having an incredible season, the Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokić faced off against the San Antonio Spurs' standout rookie, Victor Wembanyama, in a recent NBA regular-season game.

Jokić outscored the young Frenchman, with 42 points compared to Wembanyama's 23, but Wembanyama was more effective near his own basket, recording an impressive 9 blocks, while Jokić managed only 2. Additionally, Jokic surpassed Wembanyama in rebounds with 16 to 15, but the Frenchman had the edge in assists with 8 compared to Jokić's 6.

The match ended with a 110-105 victory for Denver.

Denver leads the Western Conference with 53 wins in 76 games, while San Antonio occupies the bottom spot and has no chance of making it to the playoffs.

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