The legendary world champion is in favor of Ryan Garcia's lifetime disqualification

Boxing News 25 june 2024, 09:37
Liam Carter Dailysports's expert Liam Carter
The legendary world champion is in favor of Ryan Garcia's lifetime disqualification Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Former champion and now expert Tony Bellew commented on the suspension of American boxer Ryan Garcia for 1 year for doping.

According to Bellew, such a punishment is too mild, and Garcia should be disqualified for life.

“Sad. Very sad. You’ve got banned performance-enhancing drugs in your system. It’s steroids. Everyone knows if you’ve got steroids in your system you should be banned for life. This isn’t some kind of substance where you’ve smoked some weed, this is a banned steroid. I can’t see anything but a ban.

We shouldn’t even be having these conversations any more. The perfect example is Jarrell Miller who was one molecule away from becoming The Hulk. All we had to do was ban him for life and we wouldn’t be having these conversations but they didn’t ban him which is why it continues in the sport.

The longer this continues to worse it’s going to get. Someone is going to die soon at the hands of a drugs cheat.” quotes Bellew

Recall that Ryan is officially disqualified for a year for using the banned drug Ostarine before the fight against Haney.

Earlier, it was reported that Haney plans to sue Garcia. Devin believes he could have earned more for his next fight if not for the situation surrounding his fight with Gracia. Devin believes that the situation with his fee for his upcoming fight against Sandor Martin confirms this.

Recall that Garcia announced the end of his boxing career.

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