Verstappen and Hamilton did not finish in an F1 grand prix for the first time since 2021

Motorsport News 24 mar 2024, 05:37
The dominance of two drivers in F1. The two champions dropped out of the race like three years ago Photo: Red Bull Contentpool/Author unknown

Today marked the Australian Grand Prix.

The main surprise was the withdrawal from the race of the reigning champion Max Verstappen and the record holder for victories in the season, Lewis Hamilton, due to technical reasons. The last time Verstappen and Hamilton both retired from a race together was back in 2021 at the Italian Grand Prix. Back then, the pilots collided and ended the race after completing only 25 out of 53 laps.

It is also worth noting that in today's race, the victory went to Ferrari's representative, Carlos Sainz Jr. This victory extended the streak of Max Verstappen and Sainz Jr. to 21 races. During this time, the Ferrari representative has won only for the second time, with all other victories going to the reigning champion. The last time victory was taken by someone other than this duo was by Verstappen's Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, who won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last year.

It is worth noting that if we add Perez to the list of Max Verstappen and Sainz Jr., this trio has a streak of 26 victories. Then, still in the 2022 season, Mercedes driver George Russell won the São Paulo Grand Prix. Before this victory, Red Bull pilots had nine more wins to their name.

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