Tasmania Jackjumpers win the final to claim their first NBL title

Basketball news 31 mar 2024, 03:02
Tasmania Jackjumpers win the final to claim their first NBL title Photo: The Mercury/Author unknown

Today marked the fifth and final match of the National Basketball League (NBL) playoff finals in Australia. Melbourne United and the Tasmania Jackjumpers clashed on the court.

For Melbourne, victory in the finals would have secured their third trophy in history. Previously, they claimed the championship titles in the 2017/18 and 2020/21 seasons. The Tasmania Jackjumpers were aiming for their maiden NBL trophy.

This match was the fifth in the series for both teams, with the score tied at 2-2 before the final match began.

In the first match, Melbourne convincingly defeated their opponents 104-81 at home, but then lost to Tasmania away 77-82. The third match had a dramatic ending, with the Jackjumpers trailing 90-92 in the final seconds but managing to score a three-pointer and secure their second victory in the series with a score of 93-92. The last match between the teams took place in Hobart, where United fought hard and ultimately edged out their opponents in the final seconds with free throws, securing a 88-86 victory.

The final match, held in Melbourne, unfolded unpredictably. The hosts dominated in the first quarter, leading their opponents by five points (31-26), but Tasmania equalized the score by the end of the match (18-13) of the second quarter.

Entering the second half with a score of 44-44, United exerted all efforts to regain the advantage, succeeding with a score of 19-15.

The climax of the match awaited fans in the final quarter, where the visitors played aggressively and managed to outplay their opponents with a score of 18-24.

The match ended with a score of 81-83, and the Tasmania Jackjumpers claimed their first-ever NBL championship title.

Finals, Fifth Match
Melbourne United - Tasmania Jackjumpers 81:83 (31:26, 13:18, 19:15, 18:24)

In the 2021/22 season, the Jackjumpers reached the finals but were defeated by Sydney 3-0 in the series. Interestingly, they defeated Melbourne 4-1 in the series to reach the semi-final.

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