Former world champion predicts: Fury will decline a bout with Usyk

Boxing News 14 nov 2023, 00:41
Former world champion predicts: Fury will decline a bout with Usyk PHOTO: Justin Setterfield

The former world champion in the super middleweight division, British boxer George Groves (28-4, 20 KO), continues to insist that the Fury vs. Usyk bout will not take place due to the British fighter.

"I don't think Fury will fight again, but if he does, it will be with Ngannou. I don't think he will step into the ring with Usyk. I thought he would fight on December 23rd with Alexander, and then he didn't hold a press conference.

Firstly, people think I criticize Fury heavily, but I'm really speaking as I see and think. I'm a big fan of Usyk, and I say this from my professional experience.

I think Fury has more than enough opportunities in life right now. Does he really need to take the risk and possibly get a victory over Usyk that will turn his career around and a big payday, or will he get beaten?

How will he tell everyone that he is the worst person on the planet? It will be interesting to see how Fury will dodge a fight with Usyk next time, but he will come up with a good excuse, as we saw in the case of the postponement of the bout from December 23rd, because he needs a good, long rest," Groves said.

On October 28th, a 10-round bout took place in Saudi Arabia between Tyson Fury and former UFC champion Francis Ngannou. Fury secured a hard-fought victory by split decision from the judges (95-94 Ngannou, 96-93 Fury, 95-94 Fury)

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