Brentford has made it known how much they want for Toney

Football news 05 nov 2023, 14:42
Brentford has made it known how much they want for Toney Photo: Author unknown

It was revealed yesterday that Brentford's forward Ivan Toney might change his club after serving his suspension for betting in the upcoming winter transfer window. Arsenal and Chelsea are the top contenders.

According to the respected journalist Fabrizio Romano, the battle to sign the 27-year-old Englishman is still ahead, and no one has any agreements with Brentford. Brentford will want to earn at least £65 million for the sale of their player.

«I believe the question of the battle for signing Toney is still open, nothing has been decided yet, so other clubs could join this transfer race. No team has any agreements with Brentford at the moment, but both Arsenal and Chelsea highly value Toney's talent.

For Arsenal, it will be crucial to see how things are in December, including their performance in the Premier League and the Champions League. What actions the Gunners will take in January remain unknown. They are evaluating and discussing possible additions to the squad, as usual. We will see what happens next, as Ivan Toney will certainly not come cheap.

Considering the current information available to me, he will likely cost no less than £65 million. Arsenal still has to decide if Toney is the player they truly want to sign», - said Romano.

In the previous season, Ivan Toney played 35 matches in all competitions for Brentford, scoring 21 goals and providing 5 assists. The Transfermarkt portal values the English forward, who will miss the first half of this season, at €35 million.

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