Another president of the IBU is suspected of receiving bribes

Football news 27 feb 2024, 16:26
Another president of the IBU is suspected of receiving bribes Photo:

President of the International Biathlon Union, Olle Dahlin, is suspected of receiving bribes, as reported by NRK.

According to sources, the Austrian police have already initiated a criminal investigation. The current president is suspected of potentially signing a sponsorship deal with Infront, a company that buys and sells television rights. In statements to the IBU, Dahlin denies any wrongdoing. Regarding the sponsorship agreement with Infront, Dahlin stated that everything was done in accordance with the law.

It's worth recalling that a former president of the IBU was convicted of similar charges. Additionally, Besseberg, who led the IBU for 25 years, was accused by an independent external review commission of the International Federation of aiding and protecting the interests of Russia, particularly in the anti-doping context. It is also alleged that he received bribes from representatives of this country. Consequently, the IBU decided to permanently disqualify him and fine him €100,000.

Besseberg is accused of corruption and receiving bribes in the form of gifts and hunting trips. The fact that Dahlin may have signed this contract under the same formula is currently under investigation by the Austrian police.

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