A terrible event in the Netherlands. A metal structure collapsed on fans in the stands

Football news 23 june 2024, 07:21
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
A terrible event in the Netherlands. A metal structure collapsed on fans in the stands Photo: Reddit / Author unknown

While the 2024 European Championship is underway in Germany, clubs continue their preparations for the new season.

In the Netherlands, Eredivisie club Twente was set to play a friendly match against amateur club Stevo on the field in Geesteren. However, the match was halted even before it began.

As the players were entering the field, a metal structure installed above the stands collapsed onto the fans below. While emergency services were on their way to the stadium, players from both teams and other spectators rushed to help the injured.

According to Dutch broadcaster NOS, ten people were injured, with two in serious but non-life-threatening condition.

Footage from the incident shows fans lighting flares in celebration as the players walked onto the field. A brief firework display flashes above the stands before a large metal structure crashes down onto the spectators.

De Telegraaf reports that police have cordoned off the stadium and are investigating the incident, confirming that everyone is now safe.

Following the incident, Twente released a statement on their social media page on X:

"We are in close contact with the supporters who organized the atmospheric campaign, with Stevo, and with the authorities. Together, we will determine how this could have happened.

At this moment, all attention is focused on the fans who were injured and others directly involved."

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