What a shot! Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender scores a goal in an NHL game. VIDEO

Hockey news 01 dec 2023, 10:09
What a shot! Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender scores a goal in an NHL game. VIDEO Photo: https://twitter.com/penguins

In the night from Thursday to Friday, December 1st, a regular season match of the National Hockey League took place. The Tampa Bay Lightning hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins at their arena.

The hosts netted two goals in the first period, with Stamkos and Zhan representing the authors of those tallies. However, in the second period, Pittsburgh managed to equalize. Sidney Crosby and O'Connor distinguished themselves with goals.

The culmination of the entire match unfolded in the third period. On the third minute, Carter propelled the Penguins ahead, and in the dying moments, Pittsburgh's goaltender Tristan Jarry recorded a goal in his favor. This goal marked the first in the franchise history of the Penguins executed by a goalkeeper.

Jarry received the accolade of the match's best player, and he commented on his goal as follows:

"Honestly, it's quite charming. It's not something that happens very often. Very few have done it. So, unquestionably, it's quite impressive. But, honestly speaking, the victory means more."

The captain and legend, Sidney Crosby, expressed great joy for Jarry and witnessed a goalkeeper's goal for the first time in his life:.

"It's fantastic. I mean, to be a part of this—you know, you see it happening, but I've never seen it live and been a part of it. I'm really happy for him. It's very cool to witness."

The Pittsburgh Penguins secured a 4-2 victory, and their next match is scheduled for December 3rd against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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