"We made another big step". Arteta has spoken out about the away draw with Man City

Football news 31 mar 2024, 14:22
"We made another big step". Arteta has spoken out about the away draw with Man City Photo: twitter.com/selormafc

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta commented on the goalless draw (0:0) in the match against Manchester City away.

"A really competitive match as you can imagine. We made another big step today. They have the capacity to change formations to get you in deep in many moments. They are very physical but I think we coped with that very well.

I think we had the best situations. We were really aggressive at times and getting the ball into great areas. The way we competed individually and as a team was phenomenal. If you don't win, you're never happy happy. But I think we have made a big step. We have experienced what happened here last year and we have come across in a different way.

We have played a lot of parts of the game in an exceptional way and other parts of the game where we have the feeling we can do much better, especially with the ball in the first phase of the build-up when we didn't have enough composure and patience to play more. Because after we committed some big, big, big situations to have the chance to win the game.

Nothing changes. We wanted to win. Unfortunately we know the Liverpool result but we have to carry on. Still a lot to play for." Arteta said.

Arsenal remained in the second position in the Premier League. Arteta's team is two points behind Liverpool and one point ahead of City.

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