Dallas made the biggest breakthrough in NBA history

Basketball news 03 dec 2023, 04:47
Dallas made the biggest breakthrough in NBA history Dallas made the biggest breakthrough in NBA history

In today's NBA regular-season match, Dallas faced Oklahoma City as the visiting team. The game concluded in favor of the visitors (126-120), although the Mavericks came extremely close to altering the game's course.

At the start of the final quarter, Dallas trailed by 24 points (87-111). Yet, they managed an extraordinary surge of 30 consecutive points, taking the lead at 117-111 with just 4:15 remaining.

This surge stands as the largest in NBA history.

The previous record belonged to Cleveland, who on December 6, 2009, scored 29 unanswered points against Milwaukee. It's essential to note that the NBA began tracking all game events only from the 1996/97 season onwards.

However, despite Dallas's remarkable comeback, Oklahoma managed to stage their own rally of 10 consecutive points toward the end of the game, sealing the final score at 126-120 in favor of the Thunder.

With this victory in today's match, Oklahoma City ascended to the second spot in the Western Conference standings. After nineteen games, they have secured thirteen wins (0.684). Dallas currently holds the sixth position, tallying eleven victories after nineteen games (0.579).

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