The source who posted bail for Dani Alves has become known

Football news 31 mar 2024, 07:43
The source who posted bail for Dani Alves has become known Photo: unknown

This week, Dani Alves was released from prison for the first time in fourteen months. The former Barcelona defender had been behind bars since January 2023 on charges of sexual assault, which occurred in December 2022. He was found guilty but appealed the decision, after which bail was posted for him.

The exact source that posted bail for the footballer was unknown. Alves could not pay for his release himself because he was denied access to his finances. Nonetheless, €1 million was sent to the court in Barcelona, allowing him to be released.

There was speculation that this amount could have been contributed by Alves's former Barcelona teammate and current Al-Hilal player, Neymar. However, today it became known that the well-known Brazilian magazine Fiesta posted the payment for him, reports Fiesta. And all for the sake of taking an exclusive interview with the footballer.

"The magazine, well-known in Brazil, produces excellent reports about important people in Brazil, as well as at the international level, and they would do it in exchange for a report that would already be done."

According to the conditions of his bail release, Dani Alves is allowed to remain free but cannot leave the territory of Spain. His Spanish and Brazilian passports were confiscated, and at the moment, he resides in his home in Barcelona.

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