The Premier League has updated the rules regarding ball fights and kick-in rules

Football news 30 mar 2024, 04:03
The Premier League has updated the rules regarding ball fights and kick-in rules Photo from unknown

Often, most teams utilize graduates from their academies as ball boys and girls. Their role seems straightforward: to deliver the ball to a player after it has gone out of play.

However, because ball boys and girls are positioned in favor of the home team, this provides them with an advantage during ball retrievals. It is precisely for this reason that the English Premier League has decided to introduce changes to the rules and duties of these so-called ball retrieval assistants.

According to reports from The Telegraph, they are now prohibited from throwing the ball to players. Instead, they are required to place it on a cone from which the footballers will collect it.

Additionally, ball boys and girls are not allowed to be near the cones. Four cones will be placed along the touchline, and the ball retrieval assistants must position the ball on them.

Ball boys and girls have been involved in controversial incidents on numerous occasions, whether aiding their team or hindering the opponent.

One incident involved deliberately throwing the ball away when Cristiano Ronaldo, then playing for Real Madrid, approached. This occurred in a match against Atletico Madrid, forcing the Portuguese player to spend additional time retrieving the ball.

In a match where Chelsea triumphed over Swansea in the Football League Cup, Chelsea legend Eden Hazard kicked Charlie Morgan when he delayed returning the ball for play.

ls several incidents involving ball boys and girls, including a celebration by Coventry City's head coach. He approached a ball boy and celebrated in front of him as the ball boy held onto the ball during added time in a match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the FA Cup.

Additionally, there was an unpleasant moment involving Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno, who pushed an academy graduate from Bournemouth for delaying the return of the ball.

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