The greatest player in Costa Rican history ended his career with the national team

Football news 24 may 2024, 05:40
Kenley Ward Dailysports's expert Kenley Ward
The greatest player in Costa Rican history ended his career with the national team Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Legendary goalkeeper Keylor Navas has announced that he is retiring from the Costa Rican national team.

"This stage of my life has come to an end. My teammates are more than just colleagues; they have become like family to me. I want to sincerely thank you all for the shared memories. Together, we made history, competing against the best players in the world and raising the name of Costa Rica to the highest pedestal. None of this would have been possible without you. I look only forward, and I will always carry in my heart and soul the name of our beloved Costa Rica – a small country with a big heart," said Keylor Navas on his Instagram page.

Keylor Navas is the most successful footballer in the history of Costa Rica. As a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, he won three Champions League titles and played a total of 162 matches for the Madrid club.

For the past 5 years, Keylor Navas has been with PSG, which he will be leaving this summer as a free agent.

One of the highlights of Keylor Navas's career was the 2014 World Cup, where the Costa Rican national team sensationally reached the quarter-finals, and he was one of the standout players of the tournament.

Keylor's retirement from the national team means that he will not participate in the 2024 Copa America, where Costa Rica will face Brazil, Colombia, and Paraguay in the same group.

In total, Keylor Navas played 114 matches for the Costa Rican national team.

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