The cause of death of Bobby Charlton is known

Football news 01 nov 2023, 14:00
The cause of death of Bobby Charlton is known The cause of death of Bobby Charlton is known

Bobby Charlton passed away due to an injury he sustained from a fall in a care home for the elderly, as reported by the BBC.

According to sources, Sir Charlton was residing in an elderly care home in Knutsford, where they care for individuals with dementia. The legendary footballer lost his balance when getting up from a chair, fell, and hit a windowsill and possibly a radiator. Facility staff conducted a full body check at the time and found no visible injuries, noting that Charlton's mobility, as they believed, hadn't changed.

However, they later noticed swelling on his back and called paramedics. He was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to Macclesfield Hospital. There, chest X-rays and a computerized tomography scan were performed. The tests revealed that he had broken ribs and likely developed pneumonia.

Doctors then decided that Sir Bobby should receive palliative care, and he passed away five days later. During the investigation, it was determined that he had a significant medical history and had contracted the coronavirus in September. The cause of death was attributed to lung injury, the fall, and dementia.

At the age of 86, the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton passed away. During his time as a footballer, he represented Manchester United for 17 years, winning the European Cup, FA Cup, and three English league titles. He played 758 games and scored 249 goals for the "Red Devils." Additionally, he scored 49 goals in 106 matches for the England national team, with whom Bobby became the 1966 World Cup champion. In that same year, Charlton was awarded the Ballon d'Or.

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