Newcastle violated UEFA regulations

Football news 19 sep 2023, 06:01
Newcastle violated UEFA regulations Newcastle violated UEFA regulations

According to the British The Sun, the local club Newcastle violated UEFA regulations.

In the near future, strict sanctions may be imposed on the team.

According to the source, the reason for this violation was heavy rains, due to which the team arrived in Milan with a significant delay of 2 hours and 20 minutes.

According to UEFA rules, head coach press conferences must be held between 12:00 and 20:00 local time, and any exceptions must be previously agreed with UEFA.

In a conversation with reporters, Magpies coach Eddie Howe confirmed that the team was indeed late in Milan due to weather conditions. He also noted that such delays are an inevitable part of football and should not cause serious problems.

According to the coach, the team could not fly to Milan a day earlier, as he wanted to conduct tactical training with the players in a confidential environment.

Let us remind you that today “Newcastle” will play against “Milan” at the San Siro stadium.

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