English Premier League 2023/24: standings, schedule and results of the 33rd round

Football news 13 apr 2024, 13:22
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English Premier League 2023/24: standings, schedule and results of the 33rd round Photo: https://twitter.com/Arsenal

This weekend in England, matches from the 33rd round of the Premier League will take place. Over three days, from April 13th to April 15th, fans can look forward to ten games.

On the first day of play, April 13th, Newcastle United will face Tottenham. Additionally, one of the title contenders, Manchester City, will host Luton at home, while their city rivals, Manchester United, will travel to Bournemouth.

The following day, on Sunday, April 14th, two more teams vying for the Premier League title will play. Liverpool will face Crystal Palace at Anfield, and Arsenal will face a tough challenge against Aston Villa. Finally, on Monday, April 15th, in the last match of the 33rd round, Chelsea will play against Everton.

The Dailysports team has prepared all the information you need to know about the current round of the Premier League: match results, the league table, and the schedule of games for the upcoming weekend.

Please note: match times are listed in Central European Time (CET).

Premier League Matchday 33rd

  • April 13th

13:30 Newcastle United vs Tottenham 3:0

16:00 Brentford vs Sheffield United 2:0

16:00 Manchester City vs Luton Town 5:1

16:00 Nottingham Forest vs Wolverhampton 2:2

16:00 Burnley vs Brighton 1:1

18:30 Bournemouth vs. Manchester United 2:2

  • April 14th

15:00 Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace 0:1

15:00 West Ham vs. Fulham 0:2

17:30 Arsenal vs. Aston Villa 0:2

  • April 15th

21:00 Chelsea vs. Everton 6:0

Premier League Table

Premier League Matchday 34th

  • 20 April

16:00 Luton - Crystal Palace

16:00 Sheffield United - Burnley

20:30 Wolverhampton - Arsenal

  • 21 April

14:30 Everton vs Nottingham

16:00 Aston Villa vs Bournemouth

16:00 Crystal Palace - West Ham

17:30 Fulham - Liverpool

**It should be noted that Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United will not play this week due to their participation in the FA Cup.

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