Djokovic will surpass Federer's unique record

Tennis news 01 apr 2024, 11:59
Djokovic will surpass Federer's unique record PHOTO: Clive Brunskill

Despite withdrawing from the Miami Open, Novak Djokovic has accrued enough points to secure his record-breaking 419th week as the ATP's world No. 1.

This achievement will see the Serbian surpass yet another historic tennis milestone, becoming the oldest male singles player to hold the top ranking in the world.

On Sunday, Djokovic will surpass the record set by Roger Federer in June 2018, when the Swiss maestro reclaimed the No. 1 spot for one week, marking his 310th and final week at the pinnacle of the rankings.

Federer was just shy of his 37th birthday when he set the record, whereas Djokovic, who turns 37 next month, has the opportunity to extend this achievement even further.

It's worth noting that Yannick Sinner claimed the Miami Masters title.

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