Bob Arum: Tyson knocked out everyone. It wasn't good for us

Boxing News 02 apr 2024, 12:31
 Bob Arum: "Tyson knocked out everyone. It wasn't good for us" PHOTO: John Iacono

Prominent promoter Bob Arum revealed why he didn't continue promoting Mike Tyson in the mid-1980s.

"We were doing weekly boxing shows on ESPN. We did them for 15 years, essentially developing fighters on these shows. Tyson was just starting out, and we lined up a whole series of fights for him. But the problem was, he was so intimidating that he knocked out any opponent we got for him in the first round, which wasn't great for the TV channel that relied on selling advertising time.

I think Tyson behaved badly outside the ring, and the only way management could come up with to keep him out of trouble was to have him fight as often as possible. We had other fighters we included in the program, and we couldn't have Tyson fights on the show every week or every other week, so his management looked for opportunities elsewhere," Arum said.

In the early stages of Tyson's boxing career, he moved very quickly. In his first year of professional boxing, he had 15 fights and won his first world championship title, the WBC belt, in a bout against Trevor Berbick, just 20 months after turning pro. Top Rank couldn't meet the demands of Tyson's management, who wanted Iron Mike to fight every week.

Mike Tyson will fight against the blogger Jake Paul in the summer of 2024. Earlier, it became known how many fans subscribed to this bout.

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