Bayern head coach dreams of coaching Spanish top club

Football news 07 mar 2024, 05:34
Bayern head coach dreams of coaching Spanish top club Getty Images

It has been revealed what future job current Bayern Munich head coach Thomas Tuchel dreams of as he officially departs the Munich club after the conclusion of the current season.

According to Florian Plettenberg, Tuchel's dream job is Barcelona. At some point, he would like to become the head coach of the Catalan club.

This could potentially happen as soon as next summer. The current head coach of Barcelona, Xavi, is leaving the team, and Tuchel is mentioned among the contenders for his position.

Reportedly, Tuchel admires Barcelona's La Masia academy and dreams of developing local talents. He has been studying Barcelona's club structure for a long time and wishes to become a part of it.

To recap, in the current season under Tuchel's guidance, Bayern Munich holds the second position in the Bundesliga. They trail Bayer by 10 points. In the Champions League Round of 16, Munich eliminated Lazio.

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