Andy Murray stated that tennis is currently facing a challenging situation

Tennis news 26 feb 2024, 11:41
Andy Murray stated that tennis is currently facing a challenging situation PHOTO: Clive Brunskill

Former world number one Andy Murray (#50 ATP) shared insights on what he would change in tennis if he were to become the sole leader of the unified tennis structure.

"I believe the South American swing gets a bad reputation from some people, but if you watch matches there, the atmosphere is incredible. They have a genuine love for tennis.

However, sometimes the courts may not always be the best, perhaps due to the surface or the time of year, etc. Nonetheless, I think they deserve to have one because of the significance of the sport there and the tremendous support they offer to events.

I also think the offseason should be longer.

I'm not sure if I would impose restrictions on exhibition matches. I just feel that sometimes players can be a bit hypocritical about the tennis schedule. It seems like the tennis calendar is too long, but then players fly around the world during the offseason to play in exhibition matches, and it's their choice.

Yes, it may affect their rankings, but they can choose to skip these events. Yes, I probably would like to see a longer offseason.

And I wouldn't want to ban exhibition matches. I would simply ask the players to be a bit more selective in how they talk about the tour, the schedule, and everything when they're not playing in exhibition matches. And now, in the middle of the season, there will be more of them.

The top players in the world can play exhibition matches where they earn a lot of money, but other players don't have such opportunities. Well, the players at the top make a lot of money from prize money, commercial sponsorships, appearance fees, and exhibition matches.

Players of a slightly lower rank obviously don't have those opportunities. So they want more tournaments because it's a chance for them to earn more money. So there has to be a certain balance here.

I don't know; it's probably very hard for them to deal with all of this because I don't think anyone knows exactly what's going to happen next. I know there are issues between Tennis Australia and the ATP; the Grand Slam tournaments, ATP, and WTA.

Clearly, there have been discussions with Saudi Arabia and PIF; who will work with them and how will it look? Will it be a tournament that takes place there? Will it be several tournaments? Will there be such a "Premier Super Tour" that the Grand Slams create with Saudi Arabia? I don't know. I don't know how it will look.

Everyone is concerned about their interests, and it's not always best for the sport. Everyone is kind of fighting against each other, and it would be much easier if everyone was genuinely working together for the greater good. I don't know. I hope that happens. I would say it's unlikely," said Murray.

Last week, Murray won his first match in 2024.

On February 26th, Andy started at the Dubai tournament, where he defeated Denis Shapovalov in the Round of 16 with a score of 4:6, 7:6, 6:3.

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