The Spain star could miss the Euro 2024 match due to his age

Football news 23 june 2024, 08:45
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
The Spain star could miss the Euro 2024 match due to his age Photo: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

Lamine Yamal has had an incredible season with Barcelona and deservedly earned a spot in Spain's squad for Euro 2024. He appeared in the previous two matches for his national team, but he might miss the final group stage match against Albania due to his age and German legislation.

According to German law, individuals under 18 are prohibited from working after 8:00 PM to protect them in the workplace. This law applies to both citizens and foreigners. However, there is an exception for athletes, who are allowed to play until 11:00 PM.

Spain's match starts at 9:00 PM and will end by 11:00 PM, but Yamal will need additional time to shower and speak with the press. If Luis de la Fuente decides to use the player in the match, La Furia Roja could be fined €30,000, provided German authorities choose to impose the penalty.

There have been opinions suggesting that this is merely a threat and that Spain is unlikely to face charges.

For La Furia Roja, it would indeed be a significant surprise to face legal action, given that late games are unlikely to jeopardize the safety or well-being of Lamine Yamal. However, this situation serves as a reminder of the young talent's age. Notably, Yamal broke the European Championship record to become the youngest player.

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