Slovakia vs Ukraine: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel

Football news 19 june 2024, 15:38
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Slovakia vs Ukraine: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel Photo:

In the second round of the Euro 2024 group stage, Slovakia will play against Ukraine. The Dailysports team has prepared information on where and when you can watch this game.

What do you need to know about the match Slovakia vs Ukraine?

Slovakia caused a major upset in their first match. They played against Belgium, one of the tournament favorites. Despite Belgium having numerous chances and two disallowed goals, a single goal by Schranz in the seventh minute decided the match. Slovakia secured a sensational 1-0 victory and earned three crucial points, edging closer to the playoffs. Slovakia's upcoming matches are against Ukraine and Romania.

The Ukrainian national team also surprised, but in a negative way. The Blue and Yellows faced Romania, entering the match as the favorites. However, they suffered a crushing 3-0 defeat. This loss could be pivotal in their fight for a playoff spot, as the large deficit affects their goal difference, currently at -3, which could be a significant factor. Ukraine struggled to qualify for the European Championship and may exit the tournament early.

When and where will the match Slovakia vs Ukraine take place?

The second-round group stage match of Euro 2024 will be held in Düsseldorf on June 21, kicking off at 15:00 Central European Time. The kickoff times for different countries are as follows:

  • Los Angeles 08:00
  • New York 10:00
  • Panama 10:00
  • Toronto 10:00
  • Port of Spain 10:00
  • London 14:00
  • Yaoundé 15:00
  • Abuja 15:00
  • Cape Town 16:00

Slovakia vs Ukraine: where to watch the match online

We recommend that you use only legal platforms to watch sporting events. UEFA's official partners vary from country to country, so we have prepared information for you on where to watch this match in your country below.

  • Australia - Optus Australia
  • Cameroon - SuperSport, NEW WORLD TV
  • Canada - Bell Media Canada, TVA Sports
  • Kenya - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • New Zealand - TVNZ
  • Nigeria - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • South Africa - SuperSport
  • Uganda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • United Kingdom - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • United States - Fox Sports USA English, fubo TV, VIX

Other countries:

  • Algeria - beIN
  • Anguilla - CPSL
  • Angola - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Antigua and Barbuda - CPSL
  • Bahamas - CPSL
  • Barbados - CPSL
  • Belize - ESPN, CPSL
  • Botswana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • British Virgin Islands - CPSL
  • Cayman Islands - CPSL
  • China - QQ Sports Live, iQIYI, CCTV
  • Dominica - CPSL
  • Gambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Ghana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Grenada - CPSL
  • Hong Kong - PCCW
  • India - Sony
  • Ireland - RTÉ Ireland
  • Jamaica - CPSL
  • Lesotho - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Liberia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Madagascar - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Malawi - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Mauritius - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Namibia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Palestine - beIN
  • Panama - ESPN
  • Rwanda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Singapore - SPOTV Singapore, MediaCorp
  • Sudan - beIN, SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Tanzania - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Trinidad and Tobago - CPSL
  • Zambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
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