Simeone: Worst game since I took charge of Atletico

Football news 17 sep 2023, 07:35
Simeone: Worst game since I took charge of Atletico Photo: Author unknown

Atletico Madrid suffered a crushing defeat away from Valencia in the fifth round of the Spanish La Liga. In the first half, the hosts completely outplayed Diego Simeone's team and led with a score of 2:0. During the break, the coach made some adjustments and Atlético played differently. True, they didn’t manage to win back, but instead they conceded again and lost devastatingly.

The Madrid coach did not hide his disappointment with the result of his team's match against Valencia:

«Football is great because it takes you to victory in the way that Valencia did. Their players ran better and played more intense football. I’m not angry at all, because I know what kind of players I have and what kind of atmosphere we have in the locker room, but I admit that the game turned out to be bad.

Everyone saw that Valencia were better and did what needed to be done. We played our worst game since I joined the club. The opponent was better, and all that remains is to congratulate him. I recognize when the game has gone badly», - Simeone was quoted as saying by AS.

By the way, this is Atletico's first defeat of the season. Before that, there were 2 victories over Granada (3:1) and Rayo Vallecano (7:0), as well as a goalless draw with Betis.

Let us remind you that the last round match against Seville did not take place due to a storm and heavy rainfall in Madrid. The game was postponed indefinitely.

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