Romania vs Ukraine: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel

Football news 15 june 2024, 09:00
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Romania vs Ukraine: kick-off time, how to watch, Live stream & TV channel Image: Yahoo / Author unknown

Yesterday in Germany, one of the year's major sporting events commenced – the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship. This tournament has been eagerly anticipated by countless fans, as well as the players themselves. On Monday, the group stage matches of the first round will continue, one of which is a clash in Group E between the national teams of Romania and Ukraine.

Romania vs Ukraine: what to know about the match?

Romania confidently navigated the qualification for Euro 2024, emerging from a group that included Switzerland, Israel, Belarus, Kosovo, and Andorra with six victories and four losses, finishing in first place. The previous continental championship was missed by Romania as they failed to qualify, but they did participate in Euro 2016. The team's greatest achievement in the European Championships was reaching the quarter-finals in 2000, their only advancement to the knockout stages in five Euro appearances.

The Ukrainian national team did not secure a spot in the final stage of the European Championship from their qualification group. England clinched first place, and the fate of the second spot was decided in the final match against Italy, which ended in a goalless draw – a favorable outcome for the Azzurri to advance. Ukraine then faced Bosnia and Herzegovina in the playoffs, securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory, followed by a triumph over Iceland.

The head-to-head history between these teams includes five matches, with each team winning twice and drawing once. Their last encounter was in a friendly match in 2016, where Ukraine emerged victorious with a 4-3 scoreline.

Romania vs Ukraine: when and where the match will take place

The Group E first stage match between Romania and Ukraine will take place on Monday, June 17 at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The referee will blow the starting whistle at 15:00 Central European Time.

Match start times in various countries:

  • Los Angeles 08:00
  • New York 10:00
  • Panama 10:00
  • Toronto 10:00
  • Port of Spain 10:00
  • London 14:00
  • Yaoundé 15:00
  • Abuja 15:00
  • Cape Town 16:00

Romania vs Ukraine: where to watch the match online

Broadcasters vary by country. We have prepared information for you about Euro 2024 broadcast rights and where it can be seen in your country.

  • Australia - Optus Australia
  • Cameroon - SuperSport, NEW WORLD TV
  • Canada - Bell Media Canada, TVA Sports
  • Kenya - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • New Zealand - TVNZ
  • Nigeria - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • South Africa - SuperSport
  • Uganda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • United Kingdom - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • United States - Fox Sports USA English, fubo TV, VIX

Other countries:

  • Algeria - beIN
  • Angola - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Anguilla - CPSL
  • Antigua and Barbuda - CPSL
  • Bahamas - CPSL
  • Barbados - CPSL
  • Belize - ESPN, CPSL
  • Botswana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • British Virgin Islands - CPSL
  • Cayman Islands - CPSL
  • China - QQ Sports Live, iQIYI, CCTV
  • Dominica - CPSL
  • Gambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Ghana - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Grenada - CPSL
  • Hong Kong - PCCW
  • India - Sony
  • Ireland - BBC TV Sport, ITV UK
  • Jamaica - CPSL
  • Lesotho - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Liberia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Madagascar - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Malawi - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Mauritius - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Namibia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Palestine - beIN
  • Panama - ESPN
  • Rwanda - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Singapore - SPOTV Singapore, MediaCorp
  • Sudan - beIN, SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Tanzania - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Trinidad and Tobago - CPSL
  • Zambia - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe - SuperSport, SportyTV Nigeria

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