Olympiacos - Fiorentina. Predictions and Betting odds

Football news 29 may 2024, 03:19
Yasmine Green Dailysports's expert Yasmine Green
Olympiacos - Fiorentina. Predictions and Betting odds Olympiacos - Fiorentina. Predictions and Betting odds

On May 29, Olympiacos and Fiorentina will meet in the third ever UEFA Conference League final. Bookmaker analysts have already decided on their favourites for this match.

Despite the fact that the match will be held, in fact, on the home field of Olympiacos, because the team is based in an hour's drive from the venue of the final, the factor of their own stands has not greatly influenced the opinion of experts. The latter favour Fiorentina.

The probability that Fiorentina will win in regulation time is 2.32, and the odds for the Florentine team to win the tournament in principle are 1.67, while the chances of Olympiacos are much lower - 3.19 to win in regulation time and 2.15 to win the final in principle.

However, the bookmakers are confident that each team will score a goal (the odds for both goals is 1.88), while the most likely totals are more than two goals (1.6) and less than three (1.34).

As for the score, experts believe that the winner of the trophy will not be decided in regulation time. The highest probability of the score is 1:1, and you can bet on it with odds of 6.

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